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  Rising Like the Sun 


A riveting account of Anita Joe's story of brokenness to wholeness is a must read...


Experiencing sexual and verbal abuse along with rejection was a pain like no other. The wonderful kindness of God is that He chooses not to leave us in such a state. One moment with the Master changed the script and her process of becoming whole began.

This book reveals the incredible love and healing power of Jesus. Wrap up in love is His gentleness-by which, the Lord took Anita, little by little and step by step, caused her to rise. Just as the sun rises every morning, whether there is pain or pleasure, whether there is laughter or tears, it yet rises to its divine purposes, and that is to shine. But to rise is a choice, one has to dare to rise. Perhaps you are broken, confused and feeling hopeless and like Anita, needed the healing touch of the Master.


Are you ready to become whole? Are your ready to be all God has created your to be?

As you journey through these pages you will discover through descriptive detail and profound biblical insight that rising up is not only a choice, but it is Gods' plan and purpose for every believer. Only those who recognize that their light has come will be able to rise to challenge.


Arise, Shine; for your light has come...Isaiah 60:1

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